Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Big Thanks to Japanese media and journalist

Big Thanks to Japanese media and journalist

在參加10月的TIS台北魅力展之時, 非常感謝 [纖研新聞] 及 [WWD刊物] 對我們品牌做了一小篇的介紹, 還替我們這些設計師們拍下這經典的倩影. 真是很感動阿~~~~~

相當感謝支持我們幫助我們的人, 更謝謝日本媒體逐一辛苦的採訪, 深怕漏掉任何一位設計師, 真的相當感激~~~~

我們會持續努力的闖下去, 讓大家可以一直一直一直的看到我們的進步~~~~謝謝你

In October 2012, TIS Taipei.
We had interviews with Japan journalists during the exhibition.

And very big thanks to [纖研新聞] and [WWD fashion weekly paper], that give us the introduction of our brand, and also taken this good photo for good memorery. Really touched ~ ~ ~ ~ ~THANK YOU SO MUCH

Very grateful to who always support us and help us, and thank you to each of the Japanese media and journalist that worked so hard with the interview, everyone is really nice and lovely ~ ~ ~ ~

We will keep continue to work hard and wish to show all our best for everyone ~ ~ ~ ~ Thank you so much


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